We are working in a Tied-up partnership with The NHS (National Health Services), UK and currently we have a massive vacancy for 3000+  Qualified Nurses in The UK  who can be placed with  National Health Services, UK. The right Qualified candidate would be given sponsorship!

The job description and the benefits  for the qualified nurses are as follows: 
  • RMN – mental health nurse 
    • 6-12 months experience minimum
    • Must be on the mental health route on the NMC and planning to do the RMN OSCE
  • Community Nurses:
    • 6-12 months experience minimum
    • Must want to work in the community
  • RGN – registered general nurse 
    • 6-12 months experience minimum

Sourced at cost to the trust:

  • VISA
  • Flights/Transfer
  • Quarantine (if needed)
  • Country specific charges (POEA for example)



We have a dedicated international compliance team that ensures that all candidates:

  • Are pre-screened to confirm their position, experience and right to work in the UK
  • Have pre interview documents that are in order (CBT, OETS, OSCE Status)
  • Have the required experience
  • Are ready and prepared for the interview


We will liaise with you to understand your interview schedule and provide additional CV’s to ensure that the required volume for interviews is obtained, the candidates will be prepped and provided with the interview link for testing, ahead of the interview and monitored to ensure that everything runs smoothly(pending any team issues!).

Pre-employment checks:

Once a candidate has been approved and receives the offer letter, we will then provide the pre-employment documentation, which normally includes:

  • Passport
  • Proof of address/proof of ID x 2
  • References – normally 3 years
  • Occupational health
  • NMC status
  • Police certificate – dated within 6 months
  • Proof of CBT
  • Proof of IELTS/OET
  • Trust specific documents

Once the pre-employment checks are complete and the candidate has received the COS we will then apply for their VISA.

Once the VISA is in hand we will then book their flights to fit your next intake date.

Quarantine: (if required)

Currently all quarantine hotels are booked by the trust directly, confirmation is sent to us and we then update the nurse so that they can complete their passenger locator card, transfers to the hotels are included in the quarantine hotel package.

Once quarantine is complete then they will transfer to your site to start induction etc.


Post arrival & Pastoral care:

Once a candidate arrives with you, we would pass the general day to day care over to the trust, however, we always keep in contact with our placed nurses to ensure that they feel comfortable and if there are any potential issues then we can assist as needed. We create WhatsApp groups so that the new nurses can contact us at any time, we like to see pictures of them onsite and to be kept updated on their progress on the OSCEs and their work at the hospital.


I would also like to discuss the “nurse package”, this is all the benefits and additions that your trust will offer the nurse, this will help us entice the nurses to your trust as above, other trusts include some/all of the below:

  • Direct flights
  • Transfers
  • NMC/training fees
  • Accommodation for X months
  • Assistance with local knowledge
  • Banking assistance
  • Other items

Below is a list of Trusts that we have partnership with and we have vacancies available for:

Let us know for anything else and we would love to assist you.


  • Student Visa Australia
  • Business Visa Australia
  • Migration Visa Australia


  • Student Visa Canada
  • Business Visa Canada
  • Migration Visa Canada

New Zealand

  • Student Visa New Zealand
  • Work Visa New Zealand
  • Business Visa New Zealand


  • Student Visa USA
  • Business Visa USA
  • Migration Visa USA


  • Student Visa UK
  • Business Visa UK
  • Migration Visa UK
  • Start Up/Innovator Visa

Rest of Europe

  • Student Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Migration Visa


  • Migration Visa Denmark